ARK Group International was set up to provide fundraising support for impactful Small Growing Businesses (SGBs) in the ‘missing middle’. Each business we support is contributing to solving a problem they are closely connected to and passionate about.

Our focus is on the provision of ‘disaggregated blended finance’. This is a unique model that enables the businesses themselves to access grants, utilise the grants to de-risk and become more ‘investment ready’, and – where necessary – leverage additional private finance.

Our effective approach to fundraising is built on three pillars: it is vision focussed, strategic, and journey based. We make a deliberate effort to channel resources towards credible businesses that are led by people closest to the problem being solved. This means we prioritise working with organisations that are founded and led by people from the settings they serve.

The services we offer are primarily delivered through a range of subscription-based programmes. Our diverse expertise allows us to be sector agnostic and work across a wide range of settings, including our 2024 priority, which is off-grid energy access in Africa (UN Sustainable Development Goal Number 7). We also work directly with funders and investors to ensure their funds have sustainable impact, reduce grant dependency, and effectively leverage additional capital businesses need. Read more about our services.


  • Joevas Asare

    Managing Director
  • Sonia Spencer

    Internal Bid Manager
  • David Nono

    Finance Manager
  • Naomi Oshita

    Quality Assurer
  • Arnold Asi

    Research and Admin Manager
  • Riquelle Okakpu

    Lead Administrator
  • Joseph Brammer

  • Felix Edwards

    Growth Advisor

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