Fundraising Subscriptions

Our subscription-based services support impactful organisations to access and utilise grant funding for sustainable growth and impact.

We believe in the effectiveness of both concessional and private finance and work with you to strategically access a combination of these types of capital together to expedite sustainable growth. This can play out in a range of ways depending on your size, vision and the particular context your business is working in.

Our advice and grant writing services are tailored to your needs and our subscription model allows us to share your risk. We draw on decades of development finance industry experience and our up to date knowledge of the latest funder and investor requirements.


ARK members have access to the following  services

  • Relationship focused fundraising

    Fundraising is a journey; our team supports you through the journey. This includes a complementary fundraising roadmap with KPIs and touch points to monitor and evaluate progress.

  • Grant applications

    Based on the strategy that works best for your business, our team supports members with grant applications.

  • Leadership support

    As a member you are assigned with an expert advisor to support you with fundraising and strategic growth goals.

  • Peer network

    We make exclusive introductions for cross-border learning and development, as well as forming consortiums for joint programmes, new markets, and funding.
  • Investment readiness

    We provide investment readiness support based on our members goals. Including debt and equity from private investors, impact investors, and development finance institutions.


Small Growing Business (SGBs)

12-month subsidised results-based subscription which supports your organisation to overcome barriers and more successfully access and utilise grants and financing.


  • Investment readiness review and planning

  • Grant writing service

  • Grant review service

  • Knowledge sharing events

  • Risk sharing


  • Africa based profit-making enterprise (we have priority to work with organisations in Rwanda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Ghana)
  • Also available to eligible UK based CICs
  • Legally registered as a profit-making organisation for at least 2 years
  • At least ¬£30,000 turnover in last 12 months
  • Team of at least 3 staff
  • Creating impact towards any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a priority for SGBs working to progress clean energy solutions (SDG 7)


3-month output-based subscription, for newer organisations and established NGOs that do not meet the SGB criteria but require flexible grant writing support.

  • Strategic advice

  • Grant writing service

  • Knowledge sharing events

  • One-off investment readiness review

  • Risk sharing

  • Investment readiness signals

  • Strategic guidance reports and tools


  • Legally registered enterprise or NGO in any country ARK works
  • Clear pipeline of grant opportunities
  • Creating impact along any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Industry leaders

6-month advisory-based membership for established industry leaders creating impact who require support with income diversification, financial resilience, and sustainability.

  • Strategic advice

  • Guidance tools to build financial resilience and reduce grant dependency


  • Registered enterprise in any country ARK works
  • Track record of creating impact towards any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Focused on diversifying away from grant dependency.


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