Courses and Training Programmes

Introduction to grant writing for international development

This half-day course equips participants with the skills to write compelling and competitive grant applications in an international development setting.

Drawing on our extensive experience and up to date insights into investor and funder priorities, the workshop uses of real-life examples and interactive exercises in a workshop setting to empower bid writers, aspiring bid writers, and development professionals to better support organisations to access funding.

Suitable for:

  • University departments

  • International development consultancy firms

  • NGOs

  • Organisations working to strengthening their business development and fundraising skillset



Diversifying income and reducing grant dependency

Managing the transition away from grant dependency and towards financial resilience requires specific techniques and strategies if it is to be sustainable and successful.

This half-day course, delivered as a workshop for established NGOs and recipients of grants equips participants with knowledge and techniques they can use to reduce grant dependency and utilise grant success to build financial resilience.

Suitable for:

  • Large NGOs with a strong grant track record but lacking in strategic vision for financial resilience

  • Large NGOs setting up profit-making trading arms or a desire to better utilise an existing trading arm

  • Private sector organisations that have recently received grants

  • Investees considering how grants play a role in their funding model

  • Grant funders that would like to improve the sustainability of impact from their grants




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